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Citywire Global New Ideas 2017: our radical investor forum returns

Citywire Global New Ideas 2017: our radical investor forum returns

New ideas are the lifeblood of any dynamic business and in today’s rapidly-changing economic landscape this has never been more true for the investment world.

Kicking off on March 1-3 in the Sofitel Legend the Grand Amsterdam, our new Global New Ideas event will bring innovative strategies from providers and fund houses you know and trust, specialist products from new firms and existing strategies which have been revamped to take a totally new direction.

Our ground-breaking new format will also include ‘elevator pitch’ sessions, where you’ll have a unique opportunity to influence the product development plans of leading asset managers.

Over the two and a half days of this event, attendees will have the chance to meet portfolio managers offering the very best ideas in all three of these categories.

All of this plus our most radical speaker programme to date, as new ideas are a precious commodity in any business and to help us work out how to find them we’ve lined up some genuinely original thinkers.

Acclaimed author Matt Ridley will explain why the ‘mating’ of ideas has been the engine of human progress. Riley is sure a collective approach to idea generation is much more powerful than trying to harness individual intelligence or imagination and in our opening keynote address he’ll tell us why.

Meanwhile, Dr Leyla Acaroglou, an internationally-recognised leader in the use of disruptive design, especially in the field of sustainability will reveal why she describes herself as a design disruptor, creative boundary pusher, and cultural provocateur. On day two of the event, Acaroglu will share some of her innovative ideas with us.

During the event leading portfolio managers will hold restricted round-table workshops for intimate face-to-face sessions with fund selectors. The portfolio managers include:

  • Capital Group
  • CPR Asset Management
  • Duemme SGR
  • Eurizon Capital
  • Tortoise Capital Advisors

More portfolio managers will be revealed shortly.

We only have a limited number of places available for fund selection professionals. To register your interest in attending this event and to receive further details of the programme, please email

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