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CPR Invest - Europe Special Situations A Acc

classificato 185 su 244 di - Europa su un periodo di 12 mesi
All calculations are in EUR unless stated

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Eric Labbé

Eric Labbé was born in Paris, France in 1968. Eric attended Panthéon - Assas Paris 2 University and holds a BSc in Economics and Finance. He is currently senior equity portfolio manager at CPR Asset Management where he joined in 2002. Eric started his investment career at Credit Lyonnais as a fixed income trader in 1992. He moved to the position of internal auditor in 1995. After that, he spent one year at Caisse Nationale du Crédit Agricole before he moved to Credit Agricole Asset Management in 1997 where he became portfolio manager. Eric holds the Chartered Financial Analyst designation and the AMF Professional Certification.

Estelle Menard

Estelle Menard works for Credit Agricole Asset Management and is based in Paris. She has a bottom-up stockpicking approach to investing and focuses on companies with financial restructuring or economic restructuring potential.


The Compartment's objective is to outperform european equity markets over the long-term period (minimum of five years) by investing in shares of companies whose valuation is likely to improve due to the ongoing or upcoming restructuring of their activities. The Compartments investment universe is centered on shares of companies from the European Union, Norway and Switzerland that are undergoing restructuring. The investment process aims to identify companies that are or will be subject to restructuring operations such as cost-cutting, asset disposals, deleveraging, mergers and acquisitions, changes in management and delisting.


Europa su un periodo di : 31/12/2017 - 31/12/2018

Rendimento totale

Performance trimestrale

a 31/12/2018 Annuale T1 T2 T3 T4
2018 -15,4% -3,9% 2,3% 0,7% -14,4%
2017 10,9% 7,6% -0,3% 3,5% -0,3%

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  2. Belgio
  3. Francia
  4. Germania
  5. Italia
  6. Lussemburgo
  7. Svizzera

Informazioni sul fondo

  • Inizio collocamento22/12/2016
  • Dimensione share class01Mn
  • Valuta di baseUnits
  • ISIN LU1530900841

Informazioni per l'acquisto

  • Investimento aggiuntivo minimo1
  • Investimento aggiuntivo minimo0,1


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