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Amundi Fds Equity Europe Concentrated - IE (C)

classificato 193 su 244 di - Europa su un periodo di 12 mesi
All calculations are in EUR unless stated

Gestito da

Andrew Arbuthnott

Scotsman Andrew Arbuthnott began his fund management career at Martin Currie in 1993, mainly taking charge of European (excluding UK) portfolios for North American pension fund clients. He was named portfolio manager at Pioneer Investments in November 1999. Arbuthnott was educated in Dublin, earning a degree in Natural Science from Trinity College, and followed this with a Masters in Business Studies from University College. He spends his free time playing and watching sports, in particular competing in triathlons and enjoying a game of rugby.

Frédéric Le Meaux

Frederic Le Meaux, CFA is a portfolio manager at Amundi Investment Management dealing in Eurozone equities. He joined the firm in 2007 and prior to this was a portfolio manager and buy-side analyst at BNP Paribas. Frederic graduated from Paris University with a degree in Finance. Outside of work, he enjoys tennis and skiing.

Philippe Mahé

Philippe Mahé was born in Paris in 1973 and attended the ISEP and ESSEC in Paris where he studied Telecom Engineering and Finance, respectively. He started his career with Credit Agricole Asset Management in 1999 where he started out as a European equity assistant portfolio manager before becoming a fully fledged portfolio manager in 2002. He manages his funds using a stock picking approach to investing (for Eurozone equities). Philippe is a CFA Charterholder.


The objective of the Sub-Fund is to outperform the reference indicator MSCI Europe (dividend reinvested), representative of the main companies in each European country and sector. To achieve that objective, the Sub-Fund invests at least 75% of its net assets in shares of European companies, following a stock picking model based on growth potential and valuation criteria. While complying with the above policies, the sub-fund may also invest in other equities, equity-linked instruments, convertible bonds, bonds, money market instruments and deposits, and may invest up to 10% of net assets in UCITS/UCIs.


Europa su un periodo di : 31/12/2017 - 31/12/2018

Rendimento totale

Performance trimestrale

a 31/12/2018 Annuale T1 T2 T3 T4
2018 -15,9% -4,6% 3,7% -1,2% -14,1%
2017 7,4% 4,9% 1,2% 2,5% -1,2%
2016 -3,4% -8,4% -3,5% 2,7% 6,5%
2015 14,1% 18,8% -1,9% -7,7% 6,1%
2014 3,9% 0,9% 2,4% 0,9% -0,4%
2013 21,7% 4,7% -0,3% 9,5% 6,5%
2012 18,7% 9,8% -4,6% 7,7% 5,3%
2011 -13,0% 0,6% 0,4% -20,8% 8,8%
2010 10,4% 3,6% -7,2% 5,8% 8,5%
2009 24,5% -11,1% 14,7% 17,2% 4,2%

Performance mensile

Rendimento vs rischio

Registrato Per La Vendita In

  1. Austria
  2. Bulgaria
  3. Repubblica Ceca
  4. Danimarca
  5. Finlandia
  6. Francia
  7. Germania
  8. Grecia
  9. Irlanda
  10. Italia
  11. Lussemburgo
  12. Paesi Bassi
  13. Norvegia
  14. Spagna
  15. Svezia
  16. Svizzera
  17. Regno Unito

Informazioni sul fondo

  • Inizio collocamento01/12/2008
  • Dimensione share class00Mn
  • Valuta di baseEUR
  • ISIN LU0401974356

Informazioni per l'acquisto

  • Investimento aggiuntivo minimo500.000
  • Investimento aggiuntivo minimo0,001


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