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Matthew Eagan

Matthew Eagan

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Matthew Eagan

Matthew Eagan is a vice president of Loomis, Sayles & Company and a portfolio manager for the Loomis Sayles fixed income group. He manages institutional and mutual fund portfolios, and is a co-portfolio manager of the firm's flagship fund. He has over 25 years of investment industry experience as a portfolio manager and fixed income analyst. Eagan started his investment career in 1989 and joined Loomis Sayles in 1997 as a fixed income research analyst for the multisector fixed income team. Previously, he worked for Liberty Mutual Insurance Company as a senior fixed income analyst and for BancBoston Financial Company as a senior credit analyst. Eagan received his BA from Northeastern University and his MBA from Boston University. He is a CFA charterholder.

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Citywire Rating: Non Assegnabile

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  • sClassificato AAA nel set 2016
  • oClassificato AA nel ott 2016


su un periodo di : 28/02/2017 - 28/02/2018
Classificazione 49/62 Strategie di credito
Gestore Ritorno
48 Davide Pasquali -0,4%
49 Matthew Eagan -0,4%
49 Kevin Kearns -0,4%
49 Todd Vandam -0,4%

Rendimento totale

Performance mensile

Performance trimestrale

a 01/01/2018 Annuale T1 T2 T3 T4
2017 -0,3% 0,2% -0,7% 0,5% -0,3%
2016 4,0% -0,2% 1,6% 2,0% 0,6%
2015 -2,5% 1,5% -0,8% -1,8% -1,5%
2014 1,5% 0,3% 1,3% 0,4% -0,5%
2013 -3,2% -0,8% 1,9%

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