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JPM Europe Equity Plus A (perf) Acc EUR

classificato 96 su 242 di - Europa su un periodo di 12 mesi
All calculations are in EUR unless stated

Gestito da

Philippa Clough

Philippa Clough is a vice president and portfolio manager in the European Equities group at JP Morgan Asset Management. She joined the firm in 2010 and prior to this she completed an M&A and Strategic Advisory internship with the Financial Institutions group team at Lazard. Philippa graduated from Oxford University in Mathematics and is a CFA charterholder.

Alexander Fitzalan-Howard

Alexander Fitzalan Howard was born in 1964 in the United Kingdom. He gained a degree in Modern History from Oxford University and kicked off his career as a research analyst at Flemings in 1986. At Flemings, Alexander specialized in financial and media sectors and also product development and capital markets. In 1992, he opened Flemings office in Prague and was fund manager and head of the portfolio US management team. He joined JP Morgan in 1999 and currently manages the JPM France Selection fund. Alexander focuses on a bottom up, value and growth strategy for his funds.

Stephen Macklow-Smith

Stephen Macklow-Smith works as the strategist within the J.P. Morgan Asset Management European equity group, as well as being a senior portfolio manager responsible for Core portfolios and the JP Morgan European Investment Trust. An employee since 1997, Stephen was previously head of the European team at HSBC Asset Management. Prior to this, he was a fund manager of European pension fund assets at Henderson Administration. Stephen obtained an M.A. in Classics and Modern Languages from Oxford University.


At least 67% of the Sub-Fund's assets will be invested, either directly or through the use of financial derivative instruments, in equity securities of companies that are domiciled in, or carrying out the main part of their economic activity in, a European country. The Sub-Fund uses a 130/30 strategy, buying securities considered undervalued or attractive and selling short securities considered overvalued or less attractive, using financial derivative instruments where appropriate.


Europa su un periodo di : 31/03/2017 - 31/03/2018

Rendimento totale

Performance trimestrale

a 31/03/2018 Annuale T1 T2 T3 T4
2018 -3,9%
2017 10,9% 5,6% 1,4% 2,3% 1,2%
2016 -1,1% -9,4% -3,8% 6,2% 6,8%
2015 15,2% 17,8% -2,3% -6,7% 7,3%
2014 10,5% 5,1% 2,3% 1,6% 1,3%
2013 29,3% 9,2% 0,1% 8,5% 9,1%
2012 24,7% 7,5% -1,0% 9,5% 7,0%
2011 -4,3% 5,2% -1,6% -18,2% 13,1%
2010 23,5% 7,3% -4,5% 8,8% 10,7%
2009 38,8% -6,9% 21,1% 17,2% 5,1%
2008 -50,1% -13,8% -3,6% -18,9% -25,9%
2007 -5,6% -2,5%

Performance mensile

Rendimento vs rischio

Registrato Per La Vendita In

  1. Austria
  2. Bahrain
  3. Belgio
  4. Chile
  5. Curacao
  6. Danimarca
  7. Estonia
  8. Finlandia
  9. Francia
  10. Germania
  11. Grecia
  12. Ungheria
  13. Irlanda
  14. Italia
  15. Jersey
  16. Liechtenstein
  17. Lussemburgo
  18. Paesi Bassi
  19. Norvegia
  20. Polonia
  21. Spagna
  22. Svezia
  23. Svizzera
  24. Regno Unito

Informazioni sul fondo

  • Inizio collocamento25/06/2007
  • Dimensione share class1.422Mn
  • Valuta di baseUSD
  • ISIN LU0289089384

Informazioni per l'acquisto

  • Investimento aggiuntivo minimo35.000
  • Investimento aggiuntivo minimo0


  • Commissioni di gestione annuale1,50%
  • Investimento iniziale1,5

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La performance è relativa al periodo indicato (da fine mese a fine mese, bid/bid, reddito lordo reinvestito, calcolato in EUR).