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DNCA Invest Eurose I

classificato 37 su 96 di - Multi Asset Prudenti EUR su un periodo di 12 mesi
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Philippe Champigneulle

Philippe Champigneulle works at DNCA Finance where he runs bond and mixed asset portfolios. For his fixed income funds he uses a fundamental approach, and he adopts a bottom up, value style of investing for his mixed asset strategies. Philippe was born in Saint Etienne in France and is currently based in Paris. He studied actuarial science at the University of Lyon, and holds membership of the Institut des Actuaires Francais. Outside of fund management he enjoys skiing.

Jean-Charles Mériaux

Jean-Charles Mériaux was born in 1959 and holds a Doctorate in Economics and Mathematics. He joined DNCA Finance in Paris in 2002 where he is currently the chairman and chief executive officer. Prior to this he worked at LCF Rothschild where he was head of European and French equities, and before this he worked at Oddo & Cie as a fund manager in 1987. Jean-Charles has been managing funds for over 21 years.


The Sub-Fund will invest in equities or related financial derivative instruments, debt instruments and money market instruments of European issuers within the following limits: equities or related financial derivative instruments (such as CFD or DPS) from 0% to 35% of its net assets, debt instruments from 0% to 100% of its net assets. In case of adverse market conditions, the Sub-Fund may invest up to 100% of its net assets in money market instruments.


Multi Asset Prudenti EUR su un periodo di : 30/06/2014 - 30/06/2015

Rendimento totale

Performance trimestrale

a 30/06/2015 Annuale T1 T2 T3 T4
2015 6,2% -1,4%
2014 5,0% 3,6% 1,3% -0,9% 0,9%
2013 11,3% 1,3% 1,5% 5,3% 2,8%
2012 10,8% 4,2% -0,1% 2,5% 3,8%
2011 -0,7% 1,8% 1,5% -5,3% 1,5%
2010 4,9% 2,9% -1,9% 2,8% 1,0%
2009 17,5% 1,6% 6,9% 6,2% 1,9%
2008 -4,2% -0,4% 0,2% -1,2% -2,9%
2007 0,6% 0,8%

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Rendimento vs rischio

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  1. Austria
  2. Belgium
  3. France
  4. Germany
  5. Italy
  6. Luxembourg
  7. Poland
  8. Spain
  9. Switzerland

Informazioni sul fondo

  • Inizio collocamento21/06/2007
  • Dimensione share class1.439Mn
  • Valuta di baseEUR
  • ISIN LU0284394151

Informazioni per l'acquisto

  • Investimento minimo iniziale100.000
  • Investimento minimo addizionale0


La performance è relativa al periodo indicato (da fine mese a fine mese, bid/bid, reddito lordo reinvestito, calcolato in EUR).